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"Classical Panchgavya Based, Panchgavya-based Ayurvedic Medicinal supplements and Medicated Ghrit Supplements in Preventive Healthcare"        |       Free shipping on orders above Rs 999

Returns and Cancellation

  • The cancellation notice will not be honored if we have already processed the order. The company has the full rights to decide whether the order is processed or not and the customer agrees not to dispute that decision.
  • If the order is canceled within the time frame we will refund the full amount back in your account which may take 5-7 business days.
  • In case a damaged/defective product is delivered then only we can consider your return request. Returns reach our warehouse and are checked by our quality control team before they are replaced and sent back to you. We may also ask for a snapshot or a video for the same. We would ask you to ship the product to the belowmentioned address.
  • Partial orders might be delivered subjected to the availability of the products.
  • Returns are possible if
    1. Damaged product/ Leaking/Broken package
    2. Wrong products are delivered
    3. Expired product
  • Returns are not possible if:
    1. The product is used
    2. Return terms are not fulfilled
    3. Products are tampered with or missing serial numbers, including tags and labels.
    4. The shipping address placed is incorrect